Streaming Jose Uzcategui Vs Caleb Plant Live Boxing Sports Event

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Jose Uzcategui vs Caleb Plant

Right away Jan 13, 2019 20:00 EST streaming Jose Uzcategui vs Caleb Plant live boxing sports event from Microsoft Theater Los Angeles . The boxing fight between Jose Uzcategui and Caleb Plant will be quite ferocious. The boxing match will not as easy as the record statement, the Jose Uzcategui vs Caleb Plant match were perplexing combination of art, experience, power, endurance and technique.

The conclusion of this heated boxing match could be unexpected beyond your wildest dream. The best way is watch the boxing fight Jose Uzcategui vs Caleb Plant by you very own eyes till the end. Is it Jose Uzcategui or Caleb Plant will became the WINNER!

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Jose Uzcategui VS Caleb Plant
Bolivita Nickname Sweet Hands
Venezuela Country USA
28 years Age 26 years
103 Rounds 85
77% KO's 59%